Working From Home – Setting Guidelines For Friends and Family

If you work at home, you may hear all the time from friends and family either “You’re so lucky, I wish I could work from home!” or you get others that say “oh, so when are you getting a real job?” The second phrase I personally get from some of my family, so I’ve learned to ignore those remarks after working from home for the past five years. But, I do also get the “You’re so lucky, I wish I could do that!” The fact of the matter though, is that not all jobs are made to be at-home jobs. Either way, your friends and family may invade your business/work time since you do work from home and think that you’re free on your own schedule. However, that is not always the case. Most of the people I know that work from home do have deadlines to get their work accomplished. So in order to work from home, there are a few guidelines that you need to set for friends and family.1.) Make sure your friends and family know that you do have a J-O-B. What you do from home is not a hobby, it is an actual job that you get paid from. Sometimes you will need to gently remind them of this from time to time (I’ve had to tell a certain person in my family at least ten times, nicely of course!)2.) Make sure your friends and family know what times you are working. This way they will be less likely to just drop on by for a visit and interrupt you while you are working on a huge project.3.) Make sure your friends and family know when you are free to chat. Let them know after 3:00pm (or whenever) you are free to chat on the phone and talk about your day, or they can come by for a visit after dinner, etc.Sometimes it can be a challenge to work from home. However, setting guidelines with friends and family in advance will save you your sanity and will allow you to get your work done on time.